Protest at GGSIPU campus

The students of various affiliated colleges of GGSIP University  launched a protest against the 'year-back' rule of the university.
According to the university rule, if a student has less than 50% credits in a year, he has to redo that particular year. But the students were not satisfied with this rule of the university and started the protest to 'take back their year-back'.

The university is looking at it as sign of  growing frustration among students and has taken various steps to deal with it.
As of now the matter is pending with the Delhi high court.

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student - uslls, dwarka campus said...

theres a buzz that the court has recently given verdict in the favour of the students..was looking for the details,which landed me to this site..a notification may be out soon on the university;s website. Lets hope for the best.


What is the present state ?

Mayank Sharma said...

Still going on......:(

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