Bypass Paypal payment to get free ebooks(paying hacking)

PayPal is the most used Money Transferring System. There has been news in last couple of months that PayPal Accounts are easily getting hacked. But still it is going in the same way and no action is being taken regarding it. Well, have you ever thought that you get some bestselling and costly eBooks free online. I think most of you have not thought the same. But in this post i have brought a Hack that will let you Get Free eBooks on net through PayPal bypassing its Payment Gateway Server. Well i have personally used this trick and it’s a Working Hack. So grab your favorite e-books before the hack is identified by Paypal team. Below is the JavaScript that will bypass the Paypal Gateway server for you.

Just Copy and Paste the below javascript Code at the Url of the Gateway Page:-
javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName('return')[0].value; javascript:void(0);

When you are visiting a page using a PayPal button, just paste above JavaScript code in the URL bar of your navigator.
If it works, you will be redirected to the download page
Else, try another site (or buy it )
It works with :-
Chrome [yes]
Firefox [yes]
IE 9 [yes] (anyone can test it on IE7 ,8)
Opera [yes]
Safari [yes]

You can try this Script on:-

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Finally something interesting :)

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